Can I go back to work on Monday? Am I depressed? Your opinion please.

I am leaving this clip here for a short time, as its deeply personal.  If you have some perspective to share, that would be great.  Don’t go easy – I need some hard opinions here.

How do you know you are depressed?  Or someone else is depressed?   I have read the check-list and only ever fill in a few on the tick boxes.

Here are two clips of me I just filmed – take a look and give me your opinion.  If you have seen really depressed people and I am not  one of them, I need to know.  I lead Psychologists and Psychiatrists … I think I am smarter than them.  I need opinions from people who have lived this movie. Do I need  hospitalisation, or a boot up my arse to get ready for work?

Please watch both clips!

Explaining what I feel – 5 minutes 

A short retake with some energy – 1 minute

Thanks you greatly for your time and opinions


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