Smoking eureka

Do you have a vice? I am sure you have worried about consequences vs just being human or dealing the highs and lows.

I have quit smoking for two years at a time.  And at peak, smoke a pack every two days. Starting at 14 years old. So I have smoked let’s say 2 packs a month for 32 years. That’s 768 packs.

Glenn Herman’s calculation below basically says that after 3,650 packs there are cancer problems.

I have 2,882 packs still to smoke 😊! Seriously, I am not drinking or smoking at the moment. Unfortunately I know this is unlikely to be permanent. But I do want to remind myself how less tethered I feel. Vices tend to give and then take away.

How many cigarettes a day cause cancer?

Glenn Herman, 45 years a physician, a reader for longer.

Updated Jul 2

There is a common calculation that uses a term that you probably have never heard. The term is pack-year, and:

1 pack-year =

1 pack a day for 1 year. OR

Half a pack a day for 2 years. OR

2 packs a day for six months.

I was taught that we start seeing problems at around 20 pack-years. I have recently seen 10 pack-years as the cut-off. Either way, it takes a while. But time goes by quickly.

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