Back again, the same but different

All on my own… haven’t been with my own company for some time and thorough enjoying these conversations. For one, I think I may be project planning myself towards alcoholism: listening to iTunes, wine clearly not shared, MTN turned itself off – I told them to take a hike. Yeah. Take that. You will remember the name Nikki when your share price tanks. Yeah. Vodacom was so fantastically accommodating and proficient, I just sommer LIKE driving to Standton City to chat to Zweli. I mail him on the hour and he responds! Such a caring individual. And when I rock up, all the red shirts are behind the eye level counter waiting for my arrival. Even the customers take the time to explain the features of the new S4 and flatter me with ‘you youngsters’. The red shirts had to hold me back from upgrading to the VVVIP Red contract.

But wait, an opinion is missing. And here it is but I am sure you cottoned on to this a while back, like when you gave birth to your first-born or fell in love with your second love or wanted to off-yourself:  You are lucky to blunder across connections and see others, really see the worthy in others. First you need to eat, sleep, work, feel safe, make sure your kids are good. Avoid substance abuse, side step pedophilia, get the right gift for a friend, triple and free fall into the scariness of depression, relocate if Zuma goes Mugabe, book that mammogram. In between, really SEE others. And then you die and perhaps see others in all their glory or see the big-unified-light and no others at all. Or see nothing, in which case the gamble is off. And that’s really it my friend. Acknowledge others when you get the moment and have the strength and finished with sticking the straw in the Liquifruit.

PS if you are reading this, I see you. I bloody love that movie.

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  1. Natalie Soal

    September 12, 2013 at 11:53 am

    I see you my friend. I have the privilege of sitting close enough to really see you…and I love what I see! Xxx

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