Surviving South Africa – Bank collapses and white boys

My world:  the banks within the South African economy and my boys within the South African society – seem to be tottering around, secure within themselves and trusting that this is life, and life will continue, and that they are tenacious enough to survive.

African Bank collapsed last week; well not really… other banks and the reserve bank will hold it together and as long as the unfortunate indebted believe (this is all emotions and behaviour) that they need to pay back, the good loan book may behave like a good loan book should, and pay back the people who bailed out African Bank.  All will be sufferable, bar the few billions lost by a few people and the few billions the pension funds will need to claw back for me, so I need not rely on my boys in my old age.

As to my son’s, they are far more naïve but no less trusting and believing, and that means a lot. Like 90%. Like 90% of survival within South African society.  They believe their home is safe, when it’s not, they believe they are able, willing and allowed…. “allowed” being a big NOT MOST OF THE TIME.  This is true, as I am part of building a business and the fact is if you are white (male or female) or foreign (black or white), the South African commercial society has legislated that you stand at the back of the queue.

And that’s the way it is.  Banks will survive, and my sons shall too survive, either wheedling their way through this weird but wonderful South African home-society, or find another environment to peddle their mother-inherited self-knowing.

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