I’m back! The veil has lifted.

It always happens suddenly … one random day I say hello again to the real me. She laughs, she gets busy, she thinks about the good things she brings to those around her. Her mind jumps to the future, which now seems like an unknown but easy journey.

Why today? Some options:

  1. My increased anti-depressant finally kicked in
  2. My surprising prayer to God for healing was heard. (This was swiftly followed up by a prayer this morning, for my heart to continue to unfurl like a sea anemone)
  3. My endless discussions with the psychologist and friends finally put things into perspective
  4. My self-work – exercise, not working, hours of pottery, meditating – brought back a chemical and spiritual balance
  5. The depression simply ran itself out, as it would have anyway
My heart

Whatever… I am celebrating! I am smiling. I don’t want to speak too soon, but can’t keep my excitement shushed. If I am truly back, stand back world. Because I am coming for you.

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