Rebuilding – art therapy helps depression

My lamp spontaneously imploded!  25 hours’ worth of work.  My pottery is back to its original form – sand and dust. And I am a bit sad and disappointed, as it represents my recovery over the last two months.  My lifeline. Hours spent building and shaping and moulding and letting my mind concern itself with size versus shape. I was looking forward to having my pottery light painted yellow and in my lounge, as a trophy for getting through a harrowing depression.

Final touches before firing


Five minutes after finishing, it simply 

But then again, I so enjoyed the process of creating this pottery lamp, I am excited to start again. Another chance to build from the bottom up. And I feel proud that I feel determined to start again. I also want to understand what went wrong – technically.  Should I change the clay, the shape or the structure? I am starting to want to solve problems again.

I could convert this story into so many life learnings. But simply, I lost my pottery lamp.  And I discovered that I treasured the process of building the lamp so much that I am going create a new one.

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