Some spiritual help when I am on my knees

I dont really get the bible. Even The Message version for dummies. And after trying for periods of time going to church as an adult, I gave that up as not for me. I went as a child and was bored and rebellious. 

But my family is firmly Christian and my brother sent this quote. He said perhaps that’s what my depression and bipolar is about. It rings so true I had to share it. 

Paul’s thorn

And remember it. My forever-weakness, so I am ready for grace. Everytime I go through a depressed state I am surprised that I can’t do this on my own. I need spiritual help. 

I say a prayer, make a connection, and always seem to be answered. The scientific and analytical side of my brain says I was on the mend anyway. But its a small voice, compared to the experience.

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